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motif batik kawung

Batik Kawung have the meaning which symbolized the hope that people will always remember their origins.

Antiquity, batik motif kawung worn in the kingdom. The official royal wearing batik motifs reflecting personal kawung as a leader who was able to control the passions and conscience in order to maintain a balance in the conduct of human life.
History of batik motif discovery kawung this is when there is a young man from the village who had the appearance of an authoritative and well-respected among his people. Not long, because the behavior is a very polite young man and wise, to make his name heard up in the kingdom of Mataram.

The royal party was curious about the fame name this young man, so diutuslah telik password to invite this young man to the king. The telik sandipun managed to find this young man. Hearing that her son was invited by the king, making the mother feel moved and hung a lot of hope. Ordered that the boy's mother could take care of myself and the passions and do not forget the origin.

For that mother made ​​batik kawung, hoping his son could be useful for human society.

Soon after being summoned by the royal and given some of the work can always be completed, this young man eventually appointed as duke Wonobodro.

In his appointment as duke Wonobodro, this young man giving his mother wearing batik with batik motif kawung.

And finally today, batik motif kawung increasingly known to the public.

This picture of the flower motif palm tree (fruit and fro). Bathik kawung rectangular geometric shape in defining the culture of Java represents a doctrine of the human life.
At first batik kawung was used among the royal family, but after Mataram split in two shades, is subject to a different class. In Surakarta motif was used by the groups row priyantaka Punokawan and court employees, in the puppet characters, kawung motif is used by Semar, Gareng, Petruk and Bagong

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